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Full Guided Maxillofacial Surgery in Reconstructive Implant Surgery and in Orthognathic Surgery

Full guided maxillofacial surgery is used to simulate total or partial osteotomies of the jaws and to ensure the control of their execution thanks to custom made cutting and drilling guides and titanium miniplaques. These new technologies now make it possible to implement the most appropriate therapeutic strategies for the patient in both reconstructive implant surgery and orthognathic surgery. The full implant reconstructive surgery allows to reposition edentelous atrophic maxillary. The ultimate goal is to position the implants in a physiological orientation and avoid false gums. The full guided orthognathic surgery allows to precisely reposition the bone bases according to the aesthetic and functional needs. The objective of this essentially clinical communication, based on numerous meaning cases and a 9-year author's experience, is intended for implantologists as well as orthodontists and oro-maxillofacial surgeons.

Dr. Benoît Philippe is a maxillofacial surgeon who received his MD degree from the Paris Medical University, France, in 1987.  He is an active member of many different associations and in particular the International Association of Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgeons, the British Association of Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgeons, the French Society of Maxillo-facial Surgery, and the French Language Facial Cleft Association.

He is the author of many national and international communications and articles in his field.  Dr. Benoît Philippe also has many different teaching responsibilities in France and abroad.


Dr. Benoît Philippe specializes exclusively in implant guided reconstructions and guided osteotomies.  This specialization concentrates in the reconstruction of the jaw skeletal volume with the use of autogenous bone grafts from different donor sites and in partial or complete osteotomies of the maxilla and/or mandible using Custom 3D-printed guides and titanium miniplates in order to obtain the correct foundation for the orthodontic or implant projects.


Outside of his clinical activities, Dr. Benoît Philippe has a practice as consultant in the development of innovative technology in the field of computer maxillofacial and implant guided surgery for more than 15 years.

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