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Christian Coachman

How technology is changing Dentistry and Why should we change

Technology, Marketing, and Corporate Dentistry are changing our industry creating a disruptive moment full of new opportunities and challenges. Incorporating digital solutions to promote better, diagnose, design, plan, motivate and perform is paramount to succeed in the new, extremely competitive, dental market that is forming ahead of us. 

Planning the investments, creating key partnerships, overcome the learning curve, implementing workflows and getting the team on board are some of the obstacles to differentiate ourselves in the eyes of our current and possible clients, becoming a modern clinic and creating value towards our community. 

Dr. Christian Coachman graduated in Dental Technology in 1995 and in Dentistry at the University of São Paulo/Brazil in 2002. He is a member of the Brazilian, European and American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, becoming the only dentist member of the 3 most important academies in the world.


In 2004, Dr. Coachman was invited by Drs. Goldstein, Garber, and Salama, of Team Atlanta, to become Head Ceramist of their laboratory, a position he held for over 4 years.


Dr. Coachman worked with many leading dentists around the world as Dr Van Dooren (Belgium), Gurel (Turkey), Fradeani (Italy), Bichacho (Israel), Ricci (Italy) and Calamita (Brazil).


He is the developer of worldwide well known concepts as the Digital Smile Design, the Pink Hybrid Implant Restoration, the Digital Planning Center, Emotional Dentistry, Interdisciplinary Treatment Simulation and Digital Smile Donator.


He is the Director of the DSD Residency program with continuing education courses for dental professionals from all over the world.


In 2017 Dr Coachman became an adjunct professor of the Restorative Department at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and, in 2018, coordinator fo the Digital Dentistry post grad program at the University Avantis in Balneario Camboriu.


Founder and CEO of the DSD-Digital Smile Design company.


Also works as a consultant for Dental companies and offices, developing products, implementing concepts and marketing strategies, as such as the Facially Driven Digital Orthodontic Workflow developed in collaboration with Invisalign, Align Technology.


He has lectured and published internationally in the fields of esthetic and digital dentistry, dental photography, oral rehabilitation, dental ceramics, implants and communication strategies and marketing in Dentistry.

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