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David Gerdolle

Digital Restorative Dentistry: Ready ? Steady ? Go !

The digital applications began more than twenty years ago in dentistry. So why is dentistry not digital in 100% of the practices?

There are three possible answers to this question ; the acquisition and confection systems are not yet reliable enough, or they are too complicated to use, or they are too expensive, or all three at once?

This presentation proposes to examine these questions, without taboos or commercial accents, in restorative dentistry, prosthetics and aesthetics, with the point of view of a general practitioner at the diagnostic and therapeutic stages.

David Gerdolle was born in Epinal (France) in May 1970, and is gratuated from the Dental University of Nancy (1993). He has then achieved a number of Postgraduate Diplomas from the Universities of Paris and Gothenburg, in Oral and Osteo-articular  Biology, Implantology, Prosthodontics and Adhesive Dentistry.


David has been member of the teaching staff of the University of Nancy between 1993 and 2005, and he is running a private practice in Vevey-Montreux since 2006. His practice is dedicated to conservative and minimal invasive dentistry. David is currently directing a Postgraduate Certificate at the University of Paris, and is also involved in research programs on resin composites in the University of Nancy.


He is lecturing world while in seminars and congresses, he is also giving hands-on courses and performing live demonstrations on patients in the field of adhesive and minimally invasive dentistry. As an author or an co-author, David has published widely in scientific national and international journals on this topic.

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