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Kim Jong Cheol

Lecture: A truly 3D digital patient

No matter how much emphasis is placed on the importance of a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan, it is never enough.... which is why this field continues to be the focus of ongoing research. As a result, various digital diagnostic methods have been recently introduced. 


Through these technologies, we are able to acquire vast amounts of diagnostic information. As a next step, we should focus on how to utilize this precious information properly. Based upon this concept, 9 years ago, we started the EUREKA R2 project to develop a unique digital solution; the creation of a completely digitalized 3D patient. The patient thus visualized brings the dentist into a comprehensive world of treatment. It shows 3D relationships between bone and bone, bone and teeth, teeth to teeth and hard tissue to soft tissue. In my presentation, I will introduce how we make a digitalized 3D patient and how we can interpret individual characteristics, as well as how to utilize CAD/CAM technology based on the digitalized patient information.


Welcome to the Digital Oral Design world !!.


Dr. Jong Cheol Kim


  • Adjunct professor at school of dentistry, ChunNam national university

  • Chief researcher of MegaGen Implant Co.,Ltd

  • Clinical instructor of KDA (Korean dental association)

  • Member of Korean academy of periodontology

  • Ambassador of MINEC (MegaGen International Network for Education and Clinical research)

  • Inventor of R2GATE

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