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Maxime Jaisson

4D Dentistry: New digital dentistry driven by 3d modeling, jaw motion, and dynamic occlusion.

While the advent and development of CAD / CAM have disrupted the production of dental prostheses, their personalized design still depends on the principles of occlusion acquired during the evolution of knowledge. The concept of 4D dentistry introduces a new way of entering the reality of our patient inside 3D modeling thanks to its real mandibular kinematics as well as its dynamic occlusion. The principle is based on the idea that static and dynamic parameters should be taken into account to allow the development of customized rehabilitation and complete functional diagnosis. The Modjaw device is one of the tools allowing access to this new way of practicing, and its functioning will be approached. We will see how this new dimension is able to simplify our procedures, amplify our knowledge, and promote exchanges inside patient technician and practitioner tryptic.

Dr. Maxime JAISSON was graduated from the Reims Champagne Ardennes University in 2006. Also ex-university assistant in prosthodontics sub-section, his studies continued in science inside different masters. This allowed him to discover engineer technologies and then the idea to associate this knowledge with odontology's concepts. His works in the field of biomechanics, as well as digital maxillofacial prosthesis, allowed him to finish his second doctorate in science in 2012. Now dental surgeon in Challes-les Eaux in France, his schedule is shared between activity of entrepreneur within the Modjaw company of which he is co-founder. Previously, he was able to expand his knowledge in CAD / CAM thanks to different exchanges with other digital specialists, particularly during the ARIA meetings of which he has been three times the president. He is an invited lecturer in several universities,  speaker for national congresses (ADF, French College of Occlusodontology), and international events. Anxious to change the practice of his profession, he likes to transmit his expertise on the topics of the management of digital occlusion, but also in the global occluso-prosthetic approach of patients.

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