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Sam Omar

LECTURE: The digital workflow supporting the biology in immediate loading implant treatment.

With Laurent Sers 


The contribution of computer science in aesthetic implantology is a major technological breakthrough in terms of precision, time-saving, data storage, guarantees, and customization of work.


Digital wax-up, guided-surgery, and CAD/CAM are perfectly defined and protocoled with satisfactory results. However, this Digital workflow must nevertheless be at the service of implant biology. Innovative solutions that integrate into the digital flow allow us to understand the bone and tissue response of our patients better. This aim is to validate an implant treatment using the digital flow, which is certainly easy and fast to realize but especially safe in the long term.


This presentation describes how to anticipate this biological response during the execution of all the elements of the implant chain from the prosthetic project and the surgical phase to the final prosthetic realization for a better result in terms of predictability, durability, and safety in the management of dental aesthetics.



- General Dentist , private practice in Cairo Egypt, exclusive to implantology and restorative dentistry.

- Resident at the prosthetics department Cairo University.

- Assistant manager of the digital department of Megagen implants co. Ltd.


- Member of R2 Digital centers Development and education team.


- R2Gate and R2 Digital oral Design trainer.


- International lecturer/speaker on digital implantology , Guided surgery and One day implants Protocol.


- Visitor Lecturer in Cairo University prosthetics department.

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