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> Welcome message from Laurent SERS, Scientific Chairman

Laurent Sers

It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the role of Scientific Chairman of the 1st French international conference on digital technology in our professional practice.


Oral medicine is continually evolving in terms of how we exercise our expertise, with the development of digital technologies. In the past, these were reserved for an elite, but they have now become a key factor in our treatment plans and methods. At times decried and often praised to the skies, they have long been the topic of lively debate and questioning.    


So, what is to be done? What can we expect of digital technology in the coming years?


The International Digital Days intend returning to the scientific fundamentals, including amongst other things, the relevance and benefit of digital technologies in the face of the biological challenge of our treatments. Our program’s scientific content will expose people in our profession to a great variety of situations and multidisciplinary concepts of a medical, treatment analysis, surgical, occlusal or prosthetic nature, in the context of current digital technologies, with their indications, long-term results, and technical implications.

More than twenty speakers who have done us the honour and kindness of coming from all over the world to take part in the International Digital Days 2020 Congress will strive, through their experiences, to bring us some answers.

So, over the course of these 2 days, you will be offered an extensive overview: from new approaches in smile analysis, the incorporation of virtual occlusion analysis, the contribution made by the digital data stream throughout the course of multidisciplinary treatments, the possibilities offered by the latest digital scanners, and the introduction of computer-aided technology for 3D surgical reconstructions, to the various guided surgery concepts. You will get all the latest news on digital therapeutics for use in exercising our professional skills.

In addition, a day will be devoted to a number of practical workshops, where every participant can get to know about, or improve their knowledge of the digital approach of their choice.


Lastly, the International Digital Days 2020, held under the aegis of the French guided surgery academy, the Académie de Chirurgie Guidée, is joined by the Digital Dentistry Society and the Computer Aided Implantology Academy to bring you a panel of international experts and speakers, together with innovative themes on the subject of digital technology in dentistry.


I hope to see a great many of you at this outstanding event, which is intended as a professional, scientific forum for interacting and sharing with colleagues.


Kind regards,


Laurent Sers


> Welcome message from Jérôme LIPOWICZ and Marc BARANES

Congress Presidents

Jérôme Lipowicz

The goal of the French guided surgery academy, the Académie de Chirurgie Guidée, is to spread information about digital’s contribution to dentistry and promote its use. These digital tools now mean patients can be offered more predictable, less invasive therapies, and they also open up perspectives on new therapeutic algorithms, as well as playing a diagnostic and preventive role in certain pathologies.


The International Digital Days 2020 will be a unique opportunity to meet a number of practitioners wishing to further their knowledge and understanding of digital dentistry and develop the digital tools that are now essential to contemporary practice.


This unique conference will bring together renowned international speakers who have witnessed the transformation of their practices through the contribution made by digital, whether in the field of implantology, prosthodontics or orthodontics. However, these new instruments that are an integral part of modern technical support need to be put to the test. The various workshops offered will provide the chance to discover new technologies or to further one's knowledge and expertise regarding the use of the different digital data streams for the best interests of our patients.


The digital revolution has begun!


We look forward to welcoming you all to our beautiful city of Paris.


Jérôme Lipowicz

Marc Baranes


Marc Baranes
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