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> Pr. Jaafar MOUHYI, DDS, PhD


Lecture: The Guided Surgery Behind The Smile – meet four masters and learn why you should stop brain guided surgery


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Carestream Dental

Workshop: Guided Implant Surgery - What are the real benefits of the Standard Sleeveless Open Frame With External Guiding System


Biotech Dental

Course objectives:


Improve your productivity, profitability and success rate using the latest available techniques in digital workflow and 3D guided surgery.  This course will consist of lectures on the latest development and guidance on how to collaborate implant position planning and the use of guided surgery devises. The schedule includes workshop on simple to complicated implant cases both for 3D planning using an easy/friendly software and Hands on showing how to place implants with the TwinGuide® Powered by 2INGIS® system on printed resin models. The participants will also adapt a provisional bridge on previously individualized abutments. 


Whether you are an expert or a novice surgeon, you will find that this novel TwinGuide technique enables significant improvements in the surgical procedure when compared to existing guiding methods, introducing new features such as open view surgery to fill, cover-up and graft if needed, full depth control, extreme precision due to the strong framework, easy irrigation and much more.


Learning Objectives:


  1. Provide an overview of the latest developments in computer imaging technology

  2. Understand the use of computer-aided diagnosis and treatment planning using an easy software

  3. Understand the sequencing and usage of 3D imaging (DICOM files), stone or digital models, planning software and TwinGuide’s surgical guide

  4. Learn about the latest technology introduced by TwinGuide and understand why it represents a significant improvement when compared to existing guiding devices available today

  5. Using videos, case studies, practical cases and live training with printed guides and drills, we will give you all the tips and trikes needed to start placing implants using TwinGuide.

  6. Using a dedicated Software (TWINSIS), you will learn how to share all your cases files by few clicks and order your Guide or STL file to be printed.

After this course, you will be able to confidently place implants with significantly improved speed, accuracy and safety using digital technology along with TwinGuide.


Workshop timetable:


  • Fundamentals of safe guided surgery and implantology

  • 3D Diagnosis, 3D Planification and prosthetically-based implant planning : Scanning / matching of radiographic and prosthetic files..

  • Components and Workflow of TWIN GUIDE® A novel GUIDED SURGERY process & philosophy  Revue of clinical cases (Videos)

  • Hands-on 3D Planification using a dedicated software SMOP for 2 INGIS

  • Hands-on: Implant placement with Twinguide + provisionalization

  • Training on the Tutorial and  Workflow Platform 

  • Videos of complete cases,  Discussion and concluding remarks 



Pr. Jaafar Mouhyi obtained his high school Diploma in 1983 at Abou Al Abbas Sebti College in Marrakesh, Morocco, he moved to Belgium in 1984, join Free University of Brussels (ULB) Dental school. In 1990, he obtained his DDS and then worked as an assistant clinical professor in general dentistry and involved in postgraduate Residency programs as the following 

- Master in Biomedical engineering (Laser-therapy), Flemish Free University of Brussels (VUB) 1992

- Clinical training Diploma: Oral Implantology, Brånemark clinic, Göteborg University 1993      

- Post-graduate Periodontology  (ULB) 1993

- Post- graduate Laser-therapy  (ULB), 1995 


In 1995, he started a PhD thesis in an International Research collaboration program, Free University of Brussels and Sahlgrenska Academy at Goteborg University.  Thesis Director: Pr. Lars Sennerby and Pr. Jack Walter Van Reck , defended in 1999


  • Professor, Head of Biomaterials Research Department, International University of Agadir (Universiapolis), Agadir Morocco. 

  • Faculty Member, Implant Externship Program, State University of New York At Stony Brook school of Dental Medecine

  • Since 2012 President, Union of Moroccan dental societies  (UASOM)

  • International Board Member of SENAME (South Europ, North African Middle East. Implantology and Modern dentistry Association).

  • Counsellor, Board of the Digital Dentistry Society DDS

  • International Board Member, Clean implant foundation, Germany

  • Editorial Board member, Reviewer, Clinical Implant Dentistry & Related Research Journal

  • Member of the editorial board of the African Dental Journal

  • 1994-2000 Head of the department of Oral rehabilitation & Implantology, St Pierre University Hospital, Brussels, Belgium. 

  • President of the Moroccan Society of Periodontology & Implantology  (SMPI) 2004-2005

  • Representative of the Moroccan Society of Periodontology at the European Federation of Periodontology  (EFP) 2002-2005

  • 1995-2016 Researcher, Department of Biomaterials & Handicap Research, Institute of Clinical Sciences, the Sahlgrenska Academy at
    University of Gothenburg, Goteborg, Sweden.

  • 2004-2013 Assist. Clin. Prof. Diagnosis Sciences University of southern California, LA, USA (2004-2014)


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